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The True Costs of Operating and Maintaing Storage Doors

The Problem Ultraviolet rays from the Sun cause even factory finished coatings to oxidize. The binders and pigments begin to break down, causing the surface to look dull and dry. Dust and grime are not easily rinsed or wiped off due to the increased roughness and porosity of the paint. With time, oxidation will break down the paint's surface and form a chalky residue. This chalking is an indication of the paints age and exposure to the elements. If left untreated, this process will eventually compromise the coating and require the door to be repainted. Never let your factory finished metal get to this stage! The Solution An application of Endura-Glaze ceramic clear coat forms a protective barrier between harmful UV rays and the doors painted surface. Dust and dirt are easily wiped or rinsed off, the surface feels smooth and slick, and water beads up and slides off the door. Properly maintained doors will never need to be repainted and will always have that fresh "like new" look.

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